What is PSSM1?

There are many scientific definitions of PSSM1 on the internet and if you are interested in the technical definition we invite you to search it out on the internet. 


In our attempt to keep things simple we offer this definition.  PSSM1 is a genetic disease found in many breeds of horses.  It originated in the draft breeds but has become very common in many popular Quarter Horse lines as well.  PSSM is particularly devastating in the Quarter Horse lines because it is still being bred forward, because most people haven't heard of it and because it can so drastically affect an affected horse''s everyday behavior.


Many PSSM1 affected horses are labelled as lazy, difficult, hard to handle, moody, hot or as "just needing a job".  Alot of these behaviors can be cleared up or vastly diminished in many cases by a change of diet.  PSSM horses cannot process sugary foods, among the most commonly fed is oats.


By becoming a BRIDGE member and having access to our online database of genetically tested and suspected horses and the ability to order reports you can quickly check to see if your horse has horses in it's pedigree that indicate that you should be testing your horse.  The genetic test for PSSM was only publicly offered at an affordable price starting in Spring of 2013 so as more and more horses get tested, more and more results will be available in our database.


If in doubt we recommend testing all horses, but the online database and especially the reports can really shed light on your horse's bloodlines.


You can also use our Symptom Checker in the "What Are The Symptoms" link under PSSM1 - Genetic Diseases or just CLICK HERE


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Your nominal membership will help show support for our grassroots cause of raising awareness about genetic diseases in horses.  You've spent $25 dollars in a lot worse ways.  With everyone's help by purchasing a membership and listing their tested horses we hope to rapidly increase awareness to the point where everyone purchasing is making an informed decision.  If you think the genetic diseases aren't so bad and you don't mind purchasing afflicted horses, more power to you, they need homes too - we would just like everyone to be aware of what they are purchasing and hopefully to slow the breeding of affected horses.

Custom Sidetabs


  Color Codes

  E = black  e = red

  For all other color codes lowercase is considered to be N or negative

  eg G/g is one Grey Gene  g/g is no grey genes and G/G is two grey genes

  CR = Cream

  RN = Roan

  DN = Dun

  CH = Champagne

  PRL = Pearl

  Z = Silver

  A = Agouti


See Letter D for database codes

   Clear /Grey - info unknown or not entered yet
   Amber - pos parent,offspring or sibling
- suspected
   Blue - highly suspected
   Red- Is Tested or is known Positive
   Dark Purple - double positive
   Light Red - Positive parent & Positive offspring
   Green - Tested or Known Clear
   Light Green - Likely negative

        DATABASE Codes
- no copies of the gene
  PO - Pos offspring 
  PP - Has a Pos parent 
  PS - Pos Sibling 
  PPPO - Pos parent & Pos offspring
  S - Suspected

  PSSM = P1 - Pos Gene
  HYPP = H - Pos Gene
  HERDA = HRD - Pos Gene
  MH = MH - Pos Gene
  GBED = GBD Pos Gene




Extra Info About our Databases
1056 - 1241 FivePanel N/N
in our  (ONLINE) Database
3953 - 4269 PSSM N/N  (ONLINE)
1119 - 1251 PSSM pos horses in our  (OFFLINE) database
We have 52 - 66 PSSM2 Pos (OFFLINE)
2067 - 2180 untested horses with a Pos PSSM parent
100-104 untested horses with a pos Full Sibling
323 PSSM suspect horses  (ONLINE)
4236 HYPP pos  (OFFLINE)
407 HERDA pos horses (OFFLINE)
190 GBED pos horses (OFFLINE)
12 MH pos horses (OFFLINE)
Updated Monthly!  Please send your horses info in so we can grow this young database & give people information to make good decisions.




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